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Mainly Mongolia - 2005.

I have travelled Trans-Siberia a few times before but I had not spent much time in Mongolia. Reading about the annual Naadam Festival I decided to focus my time in Mongolia, see the festival and visit Lake Bakal.

My tour was custom made by The Russian Experience and I thank them generously for arranging the tour for me and giving me the opportunity to do this photographic assignment for their brochure and website.

Have a look at my Mainly Mongolia photos.

My Mainly Mongolia Itenary

Day 1 - Sunday 3rd July Heathrow (0635) to Amsterdam (0900) on flight KL1000, then (1005) on KL903 to Moscow Sheremetyevo (1520). Transfer to Hotel Zarya (BB), Gostinichnaya 4/9, 127106 Moscow.
Day 2 - Monday 4th July Buddy tour of Kremlin. Sightseeing around Moscow.
Day 3 - Tuesday 5th July Sightseeing around Moscow. Transfer to airport. Flight SU749 from Moscow Sheremetyevo (1845) to Irkutsk. Cheating a little, but time was tight and I had already travelled this a few times.
Day 4 - Wednesday 6th July Arrive Irkutsk (0510) on SU749. Refresh in Hotel Angara, 7 Sukhe-Bator Street. Visit Irkutsk. Train TR364I from Irkutsk (2019) to Ulan-Uday.
Day 5 - Thursday 7th July Arrive Ulan-Uday (0625) on train TR364I. Transfer to a family stay in Ulan-Ude. Accommodation in a separate room in a modern apartment. Breakfast. Guided trip to Atsagatski Datsan. Lunch in the Buryats family. Walking around the village. Return back to Ulan-Ude. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 6 - Friday 8th July Breakfast. Guided trip to the Ivolginski Datsan. Lunch. Walking city tour. Visit to the Center of Eastern Medicine. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 7 - Saturday 9th July Breakfast. Transfer to station. Train TR264UL from Ulan-Uday (0655) to Ulaan Baatar. 24 hours on train.
Day 8 - Sunday 10th July Arrive Ulaan Baatar (0620) on train TR264UL. City Tour. Stay in Bayangol Hotel, 5 Chinggis Khaan Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 43.
Day 9 - Monday 11th July Car and a guide back to Ulan-Bator for Naadam Festival (Opening Ceremony, wrestling or archery, anklebone, transfer to seeing horseriding).
Day 10 - Tuesday 12th July By jeep to Bayangobi. Stay with nomad family.
Day 11 - Wednesday 13th July Day trip to Karakorum. Visit Erdene monastery, ruins of Karakorum city. Stay with nomad family.
Day 12 - Thursday 14th July Travel to Elstei camp. Overnight at ger camp.
Day 13 - Friday 15th July Transfer to Ulaan Baatar. Leave on train TR34 (2010) to Huhehot.
Day 14 - Saturday 16th July Arrive Huhehot (2250) on train TR34. Stay in Pearl Inner Mongolia Hotel, 2 Xincheng North Street, Hohhot 010010, China.
Day 15 - Sunday 17th July City tour.
Day 16 - Monday 18th July Transfer to station. Leave Huhehot (2112) on train TRK90 to Beijing.
Day 17 - Tuesday 19th July Arrive Beijing (0722) on train TRK90. Stay in Hotel Cuiming Zhuang, Nan He Yan 1, Beijing 100006, China. City tour.
Day 18 - Wednesday 20th July Transfer to Beijing Capital Airport. Flight KL898 from Beijing (1035) to Amsterdam (1440). Then LK1021 from Amsterdam (1605) to London (1620)

Have a look at my Mainly Mongolia photos.