I you are planning to travel Trans-Siberia or just interested in this 6000 mile journey I would recommend one of the following books. You may also find the other books useful on Russia, China, Mongolia, Siberia or other travel stories.

 Recommended Books
Trans-Siberian Railway: Lonely Planet
Simon Richmond, Mara Vorhees

Including maps covering routes as well as major cities, this guide provides all the details for enjoying the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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Trans-Siberian Handbook
Bryn Thomas

Another excellent book which I travel with. Over 400 pages of useful information, including timetables, tips, route guide, foreign phrases and a good description of what you will see along each route referring to the km posts.

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 Other Good Books
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Siberian Bam Railway Guide : The Second Trans-Siberian Railway
Nicholas Zvegintzov

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We also have books about China, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia and fiction stories.